2016 T-Shirt of the Year

The recipient of the Alternative Break T-Shirt of the Year award is chosen based on their story, inspiration, and design process for the shirt.

Grand Valley State University

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Designer: Ryker Huizinga - Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment

The 2016 GVSU Alternative Breaks 25th Anniversary t-shirt is a fun and thoughtful celebration for those - past and present - who have been touched by the program.  

The front and back of the shirt acknowledges the legacy left by thousands of student leaders who have invested their time and energy into growing and developing the program on GVSU’s campus: “Established 1991” and “Promoting Active Citizenship at Grand Valley for 25 Years.” The imagery on the back of the shirt highlights strong relationships built with community partner organizations over the years and emphasizes the program’s focus on social and environmental issues - this is an important symbol of the program’s continued efforts to continually educate themselves and others about issues affecting the world.

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The back of the shirt also includes a quote attributed to Margaret Mead - chosen specifically because GVSU, as well as many other alternative break programs, uses it to communicate the importance of being part of a national movement.

“It illustrates the power of education, service, reflection - the rest of the Eight Components - and our core values. Community is our priority, and this quote reminds our members that we are united with active citizens throughout the world because of this foundational value.

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The shirt was funded by, and made available to, the program’s alumni, advisors, site leaders, executive board members, and participants. All proceeds will be donated to a local organization.  

“We would like to use this celebration of our past as an opportunity to move toward the future by establishing a stronger supportive and collaborative relationship with another organization aligned with the values of the alternative break movement.”

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