2017 T-Shirt of the Year

The recipient of the Alternative Break T-Shirt of the Year award is chosen based on their story, inspiration, and design process for the shirt.

University of Maryland

Designer: Michelle Delabrer | Adele H. Stamp Student Union Marketing

Nominator: Chloe Issac | UMD Alternative Breaks Intern

University of Maryland’s theme this year was Join the Movement and their t-shirt was designed to highlight their program-wide commitment to the importance of community. 

The back of their shirt  features a quote from the writer and philosopher, Aldous Huxley that was used during the Alternative Breaks Kickoff event at the start of the academic year. The circles symbolize “wholeness, completion, and continuity” and represent the hope for UMD’s Alternative Break community. Students and campus graphic artists collaborated this year to create a design that showed the intentionality of its current team of leaders and still remained true to the legacy of Maryland’s past shirts.   

“A circle is a visual symbol for wholeness, completion, and continuity - this is what we hoped for the movement this year. UMD AB is a large program focused on active citizenship, activation, and vulnerability, and we believe that our movement allows us to all be connected.” 

University of Maryland’s alternative break branding is highlighted with this year’s shirt design and is used with all program-wide materials. Their brand - and the messaging behind it - is communicated to individuals at every level of the program to build a sense of unity behind the purpose of UMD alternative breaks.

“We hope that participants make a change in their everyday lives by going on an Alternative Break, and we encourage them to activate themselves and change a part of their lives when they return home to be more in line with the new knowledge they’ve gained.”

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