25th Anniversary Weekend


If you are, in your gut, unshakably an alternative breaker - come to your people. You may or may not know that Break Away is a great convener. But you do know that alternative breaks have the power to pull together intelligent, kind, interesting people who inspire you and shake you - lighting up how you want to be in the world.

This is like your class reunion, if you didn’t still have regrets, unresolved crushes, or braces. Come reunite with people you don’t know, but you secretly do - because they are active citizens, awake to the world.

And unlike most reunions, this one isn’t at a sad hometown restaurant. We’re gathering the finest of the alternative breaker world in our nation’s capital, for a weekend of substance and active citizen glitz.

Are you in? Or, do you demand more details before you would ever make such a choice? Throw in your $50 (excludes parking and lodging) and come to any or all of the weekend events. Read on for details and registration.

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Detailed Schedule

Travel & Logistics

Can’t make it and have to send your regrets? You can support the Movement by making a one-time donation, or by joining the Society of Active Citizens.

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