Business and Corporate Partnerships

Break Away's society of active citizens is a vision that includes individuals as well as corporate citizens. We use the same relationship-oriented approach with prospective corporate partners as we do with the nonprofit agencies that utilize our volunteers. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the missions of all stakeholders. Businesses with local interests may want to sponsor a volunteer or group of volunteers from one of our Chapter Schools. Companies catering to a national clientele may benefit from underwriting our national Alternative Break Citizenship Schools. With hundreds of organizational members from coast to coast, and thousands of individuals joining the national alternative break movement every year, there are business partnership opportunities to accommodate all needs and interests.

Sponsor a National Alternative Break Citizenship School (ABCs)

Top leaders from colleges all over the country meet every summer for a week of intense training and community involvement. Break Away partners with an average of two dozen organizations and businesses to carryout these sessions every year. Participants donate over 500 hours of service to the host community in addition to attending 14-hour days attending workshops, speaker panels, educational forums, and special events like dinners with local community leaders. Students and staff leave the ABCS Summer Institutes with the knowledge, skills, motivation, and connections to affect change and create more active citizens on their campuses and in their communities. Sponsors may contribute financial gifts ranging from $500 to $10,000 per session or may assist by donating workshop space, transportation, housing, food, supplies, guest speakers, or other components of these renowned events.

Sponsor a Collegiate Alternative Break Trip

Every year, Break Away volunteers donate hundreds of thousands of hours in service to communities worldwide. These students have a thirst to learn and a passion to create change. Volunteers defray the costs of basic travel expenses associated with their alternative breaks by sleeping on floors, driving 15-passenger vans as many as 30 hours to reach volunteer sites, and eating little more than pasta, cereal, and sandwiches during the trip. They fundraise the remainder of these costs, averaging $250 per participant.

Civic-minded companies can help enable more students to participate in a quality alternative break experience by giving them a place to sleep, food to eat (perhaps even a community dinner to help educate volunteers about the town and its citizens), or educational activities that entertain and/or inform about social issues and the local community.

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