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Break Away is proud to announce a partnership with Better World Books!

Break Away has been happy to work with Better World Books in the last year in order to connect Chapter Schools with their effective and sustainable fundraising program. They call it the Book Drives for Better Lives™ program and have made the process very easy for alternative break leaders. We’re excited about this partnership, as we are impressed with their innovative socially conscious work. The gist: They help student organizations fundraise while simultaneously contributing to national and international literacy programs and keeping books out of landfills.

Last year, many alternative break programs at Break Away Chapter schools worked with Better World Books to carry out book drives/fundraisers. They’ll attest that this is user-friendly, not super time intensive, and profitable – large or small campus. BWB’s has just sent checks from $225 - $900 to Chapter programs who ran this last semester. Contact Break Away if you would like to speak directly to our schools that have worked with them already.

If you are interested in doing a book collection, please email immediately.

Here’s how we’ve set this up to work:
Step 1: You are interested in this fundraising idea.

Step 2: You (or your program fundraiser) send an email to with Break Away as the subject line (name dropping will get you privileges in some cases, and this is one of them). In your email, just include your school name, your name, and your contact information.

Step 3: A Better World Books contact assigned to your region will respond to you immediately and walk you through every step of the process or answer any questions. In fact, they’ll be there for support and guidance throughout the semester.

Step 4: All supplies (posters, collection and shipping boxes, etc.) are shipped to your door, books are picked up at your campus - and there's no cost to you! You’ll receive .50 per acceptable book or $1.00 for each prescreened acceptable book, payable bi-annually.

Better World Books capitalizes on the value of the book to fund and support literacy locally, nationally and around the world through book drives. They find the best use for each book collected in support of their mission to promote literacy. Books will either be:

·         put up for sale online to generate funding (profits go to the (see below) non-profit partner of choice – they’ve raised $4.8 million already)

·         sent directly to Books for Africa or National Center for Family Literacy for use in their programs or

·         recycled - if unsuitable for sale or partner use; never thrown away. (They’ve diverted over 9,000 tons of books from landfills – that one’s for you earth lover!)

Alternative Break programs can choose to support one of the following:

·                     Books For Africa - - the largest shipper of donated textbooks to Africa.

·                     Invisible Children - improve the quality of life for war-affected children.

·                     Room to Read - - supports education and literacy for children in South Asia.

·                     National Center for Family Literacy - - promotes family literacy in the United States.

·                     Worldfund - - supports high-quality education for impoverished children in Latin America.

Click here for our Fundraising Ideas for Alternative Break Programs document. This document features many great ideas for effective fundraisers that Break Away has collected from past ABCs and Site Leader Retreats.

Below you will find a list of organizations that assist campus groups with fundraising. Please keep in mind that Break Away does not have any affiliation with these groups and cannot vouch for their effectiveness or reliability:

  1. All Fundraising Companies Directory - A list of 1200+ independent fundraising companies that can provide "traditional, unique, and even bizarre fundraising products and ideas for your next fundraiser."
  2. Other organizations, like Fast Track Fundraising, or ABC Fundraising who help develop community specific fundraisers with no start up cost.

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