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We aren't currently selling any of our manuals as they are all being edited and revised.
Check back in 2011 for more information about our Manuals.

Break Away: Organizing an Alternative Spring Break
*NEW edition coming in 2011

Explains how to work through many of the problems associated with an alternative break program. It covers topics such as creating a break program, finances, selecting participants and program leaders, finding a site, and reorientation. This is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to start or improve an alternative break program at their school.

Break Away: Hosting an Alternative Break
*NEW edition coming in 2011

The purpose of this manual is to help community organizations host alternatiive break programs. If you sit on a board of a non-profit organization, volunteer, or work with a non-profit agency, this manual is for you. This invaluable resource is a comprehensive manual that will help any organization host student volunteers and keep them coming back.

Site Leader Survival Manual
*NEW edition coming in 2011

The purpose of this manual is to help site leaders meet the goals of a successful alternative break program. They have one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding responsibilities a person can have. Chapters cover group process, conflict resolution, facilitation, reflection and group building activities.

Curriculum Based Alternative Break: The Manual

*NEW edition coming in 2011

The purpose of this manual is to help faculty, students, and staff connect alternative break programs with the classroom. If you are interested in service-learning or community service this book is for you. A great resource for students, advisors, and faculty alike.

The Break Away SiteBank (Online only and for exclusive use by our Chapter Schools)

Break Away's alternative break host site directory helps people learn more about the sites in the SiteBank and how they can set up their breaks. A great resource for anyone looking for volunteer sites with interest in and experience with hosting volunteer groups for extended periods of time.

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