#AlternativeBreaks National Photo Contest

AB Photo Contest SOTM


Each year, we host a National Photo Contest for participants on their Alternative Spring Breaks. Students and staff submit photos tagging #AlternativeBreaks, and we're thrilled to have received over 500 submissions. Photos were judged in the following categories:

AB Team Group Photo // You know the one - a class photo style category that brings the team together.

Community Impact Picture // Show how your service positively impacted a community or Community Partner. Special consideration given to full impact stories.

Impact Stories

Active Citizen Shot // “Action” shots of individuals making community a priority in their values and life choices.

2016 Winners

AB Team Group Photo
University of Texas at Arlington's winning group photo features participants serving with Earthdance in St. Louis, MO.
Community Impact Picture
Georgia Southern University's winning community impact picture features participants serving with Loop NOLA in New Orleans, LA building kayak seats for children with disabilities. This submission highlights the work accomplished rather than strictly the experience of volunteers. It's a stepping stone to illustrating the impact of strong, direct service in communities. You can learn more about Impact Stories in Break Away's Community Impact Assessment Guide.
Active Citizen Shot
This ASB team at Loyola Marymount University honored International Women's Day by standing for justice on their own campus - taking lessons learned from their alternative break and acting on their campus community.
LMU International Women's Day


On alternative breaks, we share a value of ethical photography when working alongside communities that are not our own. To learn more about this topic, check out the National Conference Call from Spring of 2015. Listen in here.

Although the Photo Contest is over, we know your work isn't. Continue following #AlternativeBreaks year-round to see the work of active citizens in communities around the globe.

More than 8,000 photos have been collected over the past few years from alternative break programs across the country. These snapshots have highlighted strong direct service, well-built teams, majestic natural landmarks, and selfies aided by both metal sticks and human hands. We welcome these winners to a small, yet illustrious group of previous winners. #ABhalloffame

2015 Photo Contest Winners // Sonoma State University and University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
2014 Photo Contest Winner // Florida International University
2013 Photo Contest Winner // Illinois State University
2012 Photo Contest Winner // University of Missouri