Active Citizenship is Action… Even If It’s Cold Outside

Finals are over, and we’re preparing for a few days of rest and recuperation before the start of the spring semester. Before you slip on your wool socks and cozy up to rewatch every episode of Parks and Recreation (we would never judge you for that, by the way), we’re here to remind you that active citizenship means constant effort - regardless of the season.

Consider these holiday-inspired acts of active citizenship of as you unwind from your busy fall semester:

  • Don’t shy away from talking politics with folks whose opinions differ from your own. While it may be easier to sweep disagreements under the rug - there’s truth to the notion that “we are all still each other’s only hope” and hard conversations can often be productive.  
  • Donate or send thank you notes to local organizations or nonprofits.
  • Consider supporting underrepresented identities by reading some not-assigned-in-a-syllabus novels.
  • Shovel your sidewalks this winter (and make sure they're wide wide enough for a wheelchair to pass).
  • Be conscious about the music you’re consuming, and support artists who push back against harmful rhetoric in the dominant narrative.
  • Buy all of this year’s holiday presents from local vendors, individual artists, or donate in honor of those on your list.

We wish you a holiday season filled with care and love. We’ll see you in 2017 - we're excited to witness the wonder and strength you all will bring to the Movement in the year to come.