Active Citizen Alumni

Welcome home, Active Citizens.

As you know, active citizenship is a lifelong process. And though we’ve only just started to show our investment in that work, things are about to fire up.

And not only in offering concrete ways of supporting those thoughtful and committed efforts toward deepened active citizenship, but we also want to hear what you've been doing - what your continued community engagement with the Movement post-college has looked like. Have you joined small groups that serve, donate, or advocate? Are you leading any? We know our alumni are out doing meaningful work in communities across the country (and world!) but truthfully, there’s a lot we don’t know.

If you’re still an avid reader of Break Away’s website, you may have noticed that one of our three-year strategic goals (2016 - 2018) is focused on you, our alumni:

Support Active Citizens to become the most prominent contributors to the health of Break Away, alternative break programs, and their own communities.

Hells* yeah! How are we going to do that? Stay tuned. We’ve got some big things in the works and naturally, you’re curious. That’s what we like about you. You think, you reflect, you wonder. Well, hold tight for a little while longer. You'll be hearing more about what we’re doing soon.

And as you know, we’re not into frequent updates, constant phone pinging, or shoving irrelevant information on you. We do things different. You’ll only hear from us a handful of times a year. Seriously. A few substantive messages and that’s it. Who has time for anything else?

But, of course, we need to know if you want to be plugged in. We hope you do. We’ll make it worth your while. We promise.

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Join the Society. If you not only want to stay in touch, but want to donate your way into our innermost circles of power - contact us for more information. 


*This swear was approved by a narrow margin of 80% excitable young Break Away staff with clean mouths but hearts on fire.

Active Citizen Alumni

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