2018 ABCs Host Proposal

Before you start, and this is important, we've made a concerted effort to create a proposal that is very detailed - asking you to consider every aspect of hosting the ABCs. Please don't let this scare you away. (It's Break Away, we're nice!) If you find yourself overwhelmed by the level of detail or are unsure about any of the questions, just let us know. We're flexible and also happy to walk through any components of hosting the ABCs you aren't sure about. We want hosting the ABCs to be 1) mutually beneficial and 2) low maintenance for our partners. Still interested? Great, press on!

  • Basic Information

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  • Logistics

    Please thoughtfully answer the following questions to the best of your ability. These applications are created to help us understand the viability of hosting an ABCs in your community.
  • If so, please include name(s) and website(s) of those organizations.
  • Please note: group size for service teams are approximately 12 - 14 people. Therefore, viable Community Partners for the ABCs are able to work with one or more groups of 12 - 14.
  • With the tight schedule of the ABCs, we look for Community Partners that are within 30 minutes of workshop space/housing.
  • Competitive prices range from free to $15 per person per night; acceptable prices are under $25 per person per night.
  • Each reflection space must accommodate a group of 12 - 14 people and be available from 9:00 - 10:30pm.
  • FOOD
  • Please include price per person per day. Competitive prices range from $10 - $15 per person per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner costs).
  • Drop files here or
  • If yes, please include travel time and estimated cost associated with these options.
  • Please note: workshops rooms must have open layout (i.e. movable furniture) and must be available from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm each day.
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  • Only complete the section below if you did NOT complete the interest form.
  • If you're able to suggest multiple trip focus areas, please separate options with a comma.
  • Please note: All time frames listed include only the dates of the conference. Break Away staff members will typically arrive earlier to and stay after the dates listed below to allow for set-up and wrap-up. Additionally, 10 - 12 Site Leaders arrive two days before the official conference start dates listed below.