2019 ABCs

Apply to Host the 2019 Alternative Break Citizenship schools (ABCs)

We’re thrilled to announce the search for compelling host applications for the 2019 ABCs season. Break Away is pleased to invite organizations and schools to host, co-host, or sponsor one (or more!) of this summer’s four national conferences.

We've hosted ABCs in partnership with institutions as varied as Brown University, Eastern Michigan University, Florida International University, Northern Arizona University, The Ohio State University, University of Utah, University of South Carolina - Upstate, Keene State College, and Xavier University. We've also partnered with Hostelling International in Boston, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco and with organizations such as the National Park Service.

We’ve hosted ABCs focused on issues such as Preserving Native Nationhood, Land, and Culture; Sexual Violence Prevention and Response; Reframing Disability: Communities of Independence and Self-Determination; Local Food in a Globalized World; Navigating Access, Integration, and Citizenship as New Americans; and Minimizing Human Impact in a Changing Climate.

If your organization or institution is selected as a host for the 2019 ABCs, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to send up to four conference participants at no cost.
  • Work with Break Away staff directly to influence conference planning and logistics.
  • Benefit from the almost 700 hours of direct service work contributed by participants.
  • Receive meaningful media attention for your institution and community.
  • Gain or build relationships with local community leaders and organizations.
  • Connect your organization and community with staff and students from up to 50 different institutions and alternative break programs.
  • Increase the number of alternative break groups working in your community. For example, after the Regional Renewal ABCs in the Metro Detroit area, over 15 alternative break programs sent students on a similar experience during the following school year.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is Wednesday, January 16. Some applicants may be contacted for more information during the third or fourth week of January, and all applicants will be notified of their standing by January 30, 2018.

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Interested, but want to lower the stakes? Consider working collaboratively and apply to co-host the ABCs.

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