Site Leader Application

2018 ABCs

Break Away utilizes a co-Site Leader facilitation model. As such, our Site Leaders can expect to:

  • Attend two additional training days prior to the ABCs in order to learn relevant skills and information to carry out responsibilities.
  • Lead a group of 10-12 ABCs participants - specifically through team building and reflection that establishes meaningful connections between the service projects, educational activities, and social issues at hand.
  • Serve as a communication liaison between the team and service supervisor or Break Away staff.
  • Develop an effective partnership with their co-leader during the week.
  • Understand details and logistics for their group (as shared by Break Away staff) and clarify these for all participants.
  • Assist with facilitating special events, such as the community dinner and social night.
  • Track and report community impact with support from Break Away staff.
  • Model exceptional dialogue skills, community engagement, creativity, and innovation in building the movement.

We'll be accepting applications through Friday, April 13th. Site Leader applicants will be notified of their status no later than Wednesday, April 25th. Applicants not selected for the Site Leader position will be guaranteed a participant spot, with the early bird registration pricing, at their first choice conference.