Intermediary Organizations

An Intermediary Organization's (IO) primary function is working with/organizing volunteers and developing well-crafted volunteer experiences. IOs typically remain the conduit between an alternative break program and local contacts to provide service and/or housing. Because of this, Break Away has a separate SiteBank listing with different requirements—including a sliding annual advertising fee.

If your organization’s primary function is coordinating volunteer experiences, charges set fees to volunteers for project coordination and logistical support, and/or has a headquarters located outside the areas of direct service, we ask that you register as an Intermediary Organization. Our staff will contact you to finalize your profile and to discuss the advertising fee.


Intermediary Organization Membership for 2016-2017 includes the following:

  • Tailored profile in the Break Away SiteBank (learn more below) and ability to modify your profile at any time - including the opportunity to detail program offerings, highlight schools you've worked with in the past, and specify amenities you offer, etc.
  • Promotional materials available on Break Away's website specifically highlighting your organization’s work.
  • Access to our National Conference Call series dedicated to community organizations working with alternative break programs (offered semi-annually - past recordings also available).
  • Individual phone and email consultation and support with Break Away staff regarding your programming.
  • Ability to share promotional materials with students and staff at our national conferences (representing over 100 institutions and over 250 individuals).
  • Ability to promote internships, jobs, and other opportunities on the Forums section of our website (viewable to our 225+ Chapter schools).
  • Free or significantly discounted registration fee to Break Away’s 2016-2017 Community Impact Lab serving as a professional development opportunity for volunteer coordinators and other individuals working with alternative break groups. Featuring networking opportunities with other volunteer and community serving organizations and training facilitated by Break Away staff.
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The SiteBank

The SiteBank is a searchable database included with annual Intermediary Organization membership.  The SiteBank is available to Break Away Chapter schools — over 225 alternative break programs that are committed to building a relationship with the organizations and the communities they serve. With an approved profile, you'll be able to update your information for the eager eyes of student and staff leaders. Profiles include organization and contact information, project details, issues of focus, group size, required equipment, cost, and times you're able to work with breakers.


Rubric for Assessing Intermediary Organizations

While we encourage students to work closely with grassroots community efforts, we realize that this kind of collaboration can lie beyond the capacity of alternative break and community groups. We recognize the amount of work involved in developing strong community partnerships and value the support and services that Intermediaries can offer. We provide transparency in the SiteBank around the nature of all organizations and equip Chapter schools with tools and resources to examine which organizations best fit into the mission, aims, and priorities of their alternative break program. For example, some schools may be most concerned about safety, while others place a higher value on connection to a community partner.

Rubric for Assessing Intermediary Organizations

This rubric outlines Break Away's criteria for evaluating Intermediary Organizations. It's what we use in training alternative break leaders in matters of host site relationships, community partnerships, and impact.