Community Partner of the Year Nomination

NABAs logoThe recipient of the Community Partner of the Year award is chosen based on their commitment to powerful impact in communities, fostering active citizenship, and utilizing the efforts of alternative break groups to forward their vision. Nominees for this award can be anyone connected to the alternative break movement.


*Break Away Board of Directors and Staff are not permitted to make nominations.

2017 Community Partner of the Year Award

  • Nominee Information

  • Nominator Information

  • (i.e. your university or organization)
  • Short Answers

    Please answer the following questions on a separate document (total word count must be 2,000 or less) and attach the PDF below.
  • 1. What is the organization’s vision and mission?
  • 2. Describe the organization's connection to the community. How does the organization's work directly benefit the population(s) served?
  • 3. How does the organization engage volunteers in their work?
  • 4. How does the community partner assist the alternative break group with their development of Education (issue-specific), Orientation (community-specific), and Training (skill-specific)?
  • 5. In what ways are the people involved with this organization engaged with the community & models of active citizenship?
  • 6. What else would you like to articulate regarding why this organization should be the 2017 community partner of the year?
  • Accepted file types: pdf.