Program of the Year Nomination

NABAs logoThe recipient of the Program of the Year award is chosen based on their commitment to developing student leadership, building active citizenship on campus, and a true dedication to quality alternative breaks. Nominees for this award must be current Chapter members of Break Away. Nominations can be made by anyone involved (past or present) in the alternative break program.

*Break Away Board of Directors and Staff are not permitted to make nominations.

2017 Program of the Year Award

  • Nominee Information

  • Nominator Information

  • Program Information

  • Supporting Documents (max 10 pages)

    A major part of the Program of the Year application is the submission of supporting documents. The following are examples of supporting documents to consider submitting: Training Materials, Newsletters, Program Flyers/Brochures, Annual Reports, Community Partner Agreements, Community Impact & Assessment Documents, Evaluations (Pre & Post), and Reorientation Materials. Please focus on the best you've got - worry less about the number you send in.
  • Program Organizational Structure (max 2 pages)

    Powerful programs run smoothly and delegate the bulk of responsibilities to student leaders. Illustrate or describe the structure of leadership for your alternative break program. (How are decisions made? How are sites chosen? How are trip leaders trained? etc.)
  • Short Answers (max 6 pages)

    Please answer the following questions about your program.
  • 1. How has your program contributed and connected to the national alternative break movement in the past year?
  • 2. Describe some of the creative and innovative methods your program has implemented, especially in the past year. These can be related to anything - including, but not limited to - recruitment, strategic planning, leadership development, sustainability, press and social media, or assessment and community impact.
  • 3. How does your program address each of the 8 Components of a Quality Alternative Break? (Strong Direct Service, Education, Orientation, Training, Reflection, Reorientation, Diversity & Social Justice, Alcohol and Drug-Free)
  • 4. How does your program promote active citizenship within the program, on campus, and in the community?
  • 5. What are strengths and weakness (internal considerations), and opportunities and threats (external considerations) for your program? Please name no more than two of each. How do you anticipate utilizing or addressing these in the next few years of your programming?
  • 6. What is the primary reason you feel your program should be recognized as the 2017 Alternative Break Program of the Year?
  • Program Testimonials (max 2 pages)

    Strong alternative break programs impact all individuals involved. Please include a short quote or anecdote from each of the following that speaks to how your alternative break program has impacted them. 1) Participant; 2) Trip / Site leader; 3) Program Leader / Executive Board member; 4) Staff / Faculty / Advisor; 5) Community Partner
  • Just to be sure, here's the list again: Supporting Documents (max 10 pages). Organizational Structure (max 2 pages). Short Answer Responses (max 6 pages). Program Testimonials (max 2 pages).
    Accepted file types: pdf.