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Site Leader Retreats

Site Leader Retreats (SLRs) train your student leaders about the importance of the EIGHT COMPONENTS of quality alternative breaks; in addition to necessary skills such as facilitation, conflict resolution, & group building. These weekend sessions offer new knowledge and skills to participants, while invariably developing a cohesive leadership team focused on common goals.


Site Leader Retreats involve many interactive workshops and activities that can be replicated within individual alternative break trips to make them more successful. All Site Leader Retreats cover the basics of alternative breaks and Break Away, as well as facilitation and group building. Site Leader Retreats can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of the host school, allowing more or less emphasis on particular areas. Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Alcohol and Other Drug Free
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Diversity
    • Group Building
    • The Learning Components (Education, Orientation, Training)
    • Partnerships
    • Reflection
    • Reorientation
    • Developing Relationships with Host Sites
    • Site Leaders as Facilitators
    • Strategic Planning and Organizational Structure
    • Fundraising
    • Recruitment and Selections

Break Away staff will facilitate the workshops, prepare the materials, and even assist with recruiting other schools in your state or region. Host schools reserve space, arrange meals, possibly coordinate overnight accommodations for out-of-town participants, and commit to covering the costs of the training fee.

"Excellent to get leaders to think about trips as not just week - long, but rather give leaders skills to
transform trips into transformative experiences"
Virginia Site Leader Retreat participant


Site Leader Retreats are scheduled upon request, on a first-come, first-serve basis. One Break Away facilitator will come to the location of your choice (usually your college or university), anytime between September and February. Retreats typically begin early Friday evening and end the following Saturday evening, though mid-week retreats can also be arranged.

One-day training sessions can be scheduled as well, though they are strongly discouraged. It tends to be hard to fully retain the amount of information covered in such a short period.

Two-day sessions are more conducive to establishing strong group dynamics, active participation, and a more flexible curriculum (more time to expand on areas of interest, including more group building ideas). Training fees are the same whether your retreat lasts one or two days.


Our Site Leader Retreat fee is $750 (one facilitator, thirty or less participants) or $1000 (two facilitators, thirty-one or more participants) plus travel expenses for each facilitator (airfare, ground transportation, 2 nights lodging). Chapter Schools receive discounts on the fee, which covers all workshop materials and handouts. Host institutions are expected to arrange meals for all participants if desired. Keep in mind that Break Away encourages schools to partner with state compacts, commissions, and other institutions to cover the costs of the Site Leader Retreat or to share expenses by charging a fee for invited participants from other schools that attend.


As soon as you've decided the dates that you would like to host a Site Leader Retreat, simply send Break Away an email at give us a call at 800.903.0646. We can prepare an invoice to help you arrange payment from your school and also discuss preliminary agenda items. The balance of the Site Leader Retreat fee is due at least one week in advance of the actual training date. Break Away will work with you to develop an agenda that accurately meets the needs of your participants. Click the following for more specific information:

In many cases, schools that host Site Leader Retreats will invite other schools to attend. Break Away can provide you with contact information for the host schools if you would like to inquire about attending a nearby Site Leader Retreat. Site Leader Retreats typically take place during the fall and winter months.

If you have further questions about our Site Leader Retreats or would like to reserve a date to have a retreat at your school, please contact Break Away.

"Really energizes you and gets you ready to plan your trip, great ideas, very practical - teaches you the
philosophy and how to implement it"
California Site Leader Retreat participant

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