You Can’t Party Alone

Picture yourself at a concert, sporting event, or watching your favorite speaker. Part (if not most) of the magic comes from being surrounded by people who share the experience with you: whether it’s in a stadium filled with relentless sports fans, a concert venue jam-packed with people too excited to stand still, or a speaker who brings the room to tears with a powerful story.

The “buzz” is undeniable in communal spaces like these. To be with people united in a cause or for a purpose creates a strong sense of togetherness that can’t just come from watching a game on TV, or listening to a band in your car. That “buzz” comes from the unlimited high-fives when a goal is scored or the simultaneous swaying of bodies to a beautiful song.

We know that most often, the strongest communities are those of both affinity (shared values and/or interests) and proximity (shared physical space), yet by nature of alternative breaks, this combination is often fleeting. Trips are short-lived and a group’s bond isn’t easily translated back into everyday life.

There’s a chance you’ve heard… we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary this weekend in Washington DC. Some folks are seeing the Break Away community for the first time in weeks, others for the first time in years. Regardless of where people are coming from or how long it’s been since they’ve seen Break Away - we have all been moved by alternative breaks and are convening to party (in accordance with the alcohol and drug free component of Alternative Breaks, of course) as a community.

Even if you can’t join us this weekend for unlimited high-fives and collective dance parties, think about the power of joining together - whatever that may be for you: an alternative break reunion, a social issue you care about, your favorite band’s concert. Find a space for that “buzz” to exist and relish in your togetherness.