Help them fall in love.

“Again, what if people don’t want to be there?”

- As discussed in the past few posts, there are two reasons for this: people don’t have a sense of purpose in the group, or the team needs to be built further.

While folks may understand why they’re a part of an alternative break team or E-board, community work in any form requires strong relationship-building at the center. Why? Because we’re in a continual cycle of building, maintaining, and exiting partnerships (with participants, staff and faculty, community partners, etc), and each partnership is bound to offer different incentives: altered perspectives, impactful service, and so on. But partnerships are as much about the ends as the means that help you get there - and with any group, team building is a top priority.

Building the group requires attention to four areas: names, getting to know one another, challenging the team, and breaking the contact barrier (i.e. convincing a group of strangers to share a 12 passenger van for many hours). Facilitate the team through each of these four areas and they’ll work better together as a whole, with each individual sharing a connection and commitment to the team’s vision. If they love each other, they will show up.