2018 T-Shirt of the Year

The recipient of the Alternative Break T-Shirt of the Year award is chosen based on their story, inspiration, and design process for the shirt.

Southwestern University

Designer: Ellie Crowley | Student Worker in the Office of Community-Engaged Learning

Nominator: Nikki Welch | Coordinator of Community-Engaged Learning

"Active Citizens are far from apathetic. By encouraging thoughtfulness, awareness, and increased knowledge, we fight to break away from apathy and become active, not passive, citizens who make tangible contributions toward the well-being of humanity." - Nikki Welch, Coordinator of Community-Engaged Learning

After a strategic planning initiative, Southwestern University’s Spring Breakaway program prioritized the attention given to students moving along the Active Citizenship Continuum. The t-shirt was inspired by the final stage of Active Citizenship, in which people make community a priority in their values and life choices.

The back of the shirt has a design that was initially hand drawn by a student worker within the Office of Community-Engaged Learning. Both the image and words were inspired by the larger mission to connect the focus of Spring Breakaway with Southwestern’s Core Purpose to encourage students to “make contributions toward the well-being of humanity.” The program aligns itself with this purpose and works to uplift active citizenship within the context of alternative breaks. This message and connection are communicated throughout all of Spring Breakaway’s branding.

The statement on the back of the shirt connects the purpose of the program, office, and university in a clear and succinct way - encouraging students to see themselves as a member of the program, but an important part of the larger picture.

“We hope that participants will return with a renewed and expanded care for their contributions to their communities. Our goal as a program is to do all we can to provide an experience that encourages a greater care, increased knowledge, and overall, the capacity to practice active citizenship in their daily lives."

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