National Alternative Break Survey

announcing the 2019 Report!

We're thrilled to release this year's National Alternative Break Survey results into the world. Below, you'll find the full report of collective impact, best practices, and trends of the alternative break movement from the 2018-2019 academic year.

The 2019 Survey report crunches the data and shares the narrative of policies and practices from over 170 programs. Fancy enough to share with your boss (or even your boss’s boss), but accessible to those who are new to alternative break programming. Our ultimate goal is to compile and repackage the data in a way that helps you better contextualize your work.

Past reports have been used by programs to bolster funding requests, drive strategic planning, advocate internally, and share the scope of alternative break programming across the country. For the truest of nerds among us, new this year we're introducing longitudinal data - pulling from survey reports over the last seven years. We don’t want to overhype the results, but after reviewing a certain graph, one Break Away staffer described themselves as “shaken”. 

2019 National Alternative Break Survey Report

Past Survey Results

Past reports are always available to analyze trends and support benchmarking efforts. If you have any questions about the survey or would like access to older information for a real deep dive, let us know!

2018 National Alternative Break Survey Report 2017 National Chapter Survey Report 2016 National Chapter Survey Report 2015 National Chapter Survey Report