25 Years of Active Citizenship

2016 was a special one for Break Away. We commemorated 25 remarkable years of building the Movement of alternative breakers and active citizens. And we celebrated like you’d anticipate - with a gathering of alumni, community partners, former and current staff and board members, siblings, parents, significant others, people who’d like to be significant others - we had them all!

We spent the weekend in partnership with Steinbruck Center, serving with their neighborhood. We conversed with folks who live and work there. We learned about the realities of gentrification and income instability. We heard and shared stories of growth (and fumblings) on the path toward active citizenship. We deepened our understanding of community. We renewed our love for the Movement.
It was inspiring. It was fun. It was tiring - all that one could imagine from a gathering like this. And while we can’t possibly begin to capture all that happened, you can watch this video (debuted during our community dinner) and take a peek at some of the photos captured during the weekend.

We’ll look forward to a more low-key celebration of our 26th Anniversary - something in the ballpark of weeping gentle tears of happiness in sweatpants and watching the video on repeat.