2016 - 2018 Strategic Goals

In the next three years, Break Away will focus on five key areas:


Reflect our commitment to diversity and social justice in all aspects of our work, including Break Away itself.

Active Citizens

Support active citizens to become the most prominent contributors to the health of Break Away, alternative break programs, and their communities.


Work together with alternative breakers and community partners to create the most compelling community impact reporting in the country.


Improve the quality, value, and reach of our membership and core trainings.


Broadly influence the fields of community engagement and community-based learning through the Break Away model and practices of active citizenship.

2016 Annual Report

It was one of the biggest years on record for Break Away, alternative breaks, and the Movement of active citizens. Want the impressive numbers and compelling narrative? Curious minds should take a look at our 2016 Annual Report.

National Awards

Every spring, Break Away is happily awash in nominations submitted for consideration in our National Awards. All nominations are reviewed by committees made up of past winners, current constituents, past Break Away staff and past/present members of the Break Away Board of Directors. We present awards during the Alternative Break Citizenship schools, where we share with our community the innovations, improvements, and contributions to the Movement that etched our winners into the annals of AB history.

It’s our honor to highlight the remarkable work being done with alternative break programs, active citizens, and communities nationwide:

Alternative Break Program of the Year
Active Citizen of the Year
Alternative Break Staff Person of the Year
Community Partner of the Year
Alternative Break T-Shirt of the Year