Dear Graduates, Alternative Breaks Are Over…

...Or are they? You had a powerful experience (or experiences), and as you walk across the graduation stage to receive your diploma, you’re probably asking yourself does it have to be over? Well... not really. It may look different, but you can and should find ways to stay engaged in your program and the Movement.

Chances are you went on an alternative break that caused some sort of mindset or lifestyle shift: finding lifelong friendships, developing a deeper knowledge of social issues, getting outside of what was once comfortable, or even coming to understand that the game Flash is appropriate for any social situation.

If you’ve had an experience like this, you know it’s valuable and that alternative breaks should be an opportunity available to any (and every) student.

As alumni, we now have the chance to support other current and future alternative breakers in new, creative ways. Maybe it’s donating to your alma mater's program (or the Movement) or showing your support on social media. It could even be hosting a future alternative break group for dinner when they’re in your city, offering to be a guest speaker at a pre-trip meeting, or staying in touch with your friend’s at Break Away (that’s us!).

More than that, know you’re not alone. If you have tried to describe how much an alternative break experience meant to you - at some point, you’ve likely found yourself at a loss for words. Well, the good news is, there are thousands of alternative break alumni who know almost exactly how you feel. Just because you aren’t going on another trip, doesn’t mean you won’t identify with alternative breaks. You now share an identity with thousands of other graduates who are, like you, lifelong breakers and active citizens.

So friends, we offer you our congratulations and invite you to join us in the ongoing process of supporting alternative breaks and actualizing active citizenship.