Dismantling White Supremacy is White People’s Work

White silence = violence

Though the burden of the tragedies brought to light in the last few weeks falls harder on the Black community, the responsibility for addressing and destroying white supremacy rests with white and non-Black folks. 

Some non-Black folks are finally opening their eyes to the 401 years of systemic oppression of Black folks in the United States and are working with the Black community to engage in an uprising. All across the country, people are protesting the injustice that Black folks face in this country.

At Break Away HQ, we do social justice work. That means we have a responsibility to work toward more inclusive communities, workplaces, and social spheres - free of police brutality, the racist actions of individuals, and tyrannical authority figures. This is especially true in our society which is built on the continued oppression of People of Color. 

Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 tomorrow (Friday, June 5, 2020), had she not been murdered in her own bed by Louisville Police officers. From Ahmaud Arbrey out for a run in south GA to the police murder of George Floyd in the streets of Minneapolis - our hearts break for the families, friends, and community at this senseless theft of life.

While the videos depicting these events are shocking, as a country founded by way of genocide and slavery of both Indigenous/Native and Black people, the racist and violent actions perpetrated by police and white men in the videos are not new. The United States was created to benefit some and subordinate others. The violence portrayed in the videos is a very real symptom of white supremacy. We have to name the culprit before we can combat it.

Smashing white supremacy is white people's work

Now that the disease has been named, know that the emotional and physical labor of unlearning and dismantling white supremacy belongs to white people. Break Away vows, alongside with you, to continue using our platform to engage in dialogue, discussion, and education as we work towards a more equitable and honoring future. 


In that vein, we have collected some resources for anti-racist work:


*Black, Indeginous, People of Color

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