Disorientation: Not as bad as it sounds

In Jeff Goins's publication Wrecked for the Ordinary: A Manifesto for Misfits he writes:

"In each of our stories, there is a moment when all of our priorities, all of our concerns, are shifted. Our identity begins to change with it. We sense a disparity between what is and what should be. There is a nagging feeling in our souls that something's been wrong with the world for a while, and when this Moment happens, the feeling is no longer bearable. You no longer 'fit' into the old world. You've seen too much, heard too many things, and you can't go back to ordinary living."

This change aligns with the difference people feel after an alternative break; it's an identity shift. As Goins writes, the internal battle is a good thing. It helps us to identify social structures we've unknowingly been a part of that are oppressive, and it sounds an internal alarm both for traits within us and in our communities. Discomfort and disorientation are, in these instances, our new friends.