2019 ABCs Host Proposal

This form is for folks who are ready to submit a proposal to host one of the 2019 ABCs. Before you start, and this is important: you don’t have to complete all parts of the form in order to apply. The proposal outlines every aspect of the ABCs and the expectation when we select host institutions is a collaborative approach. We appreciate partnerships where hosts are able to support or manage part of the experience. We would, of course, love any and all support you’re able to provide. Above all, we want hosting the ABCs to be 1) mutually beneficial and 2) low maintenance for our partners. Still interested? Great, press on!

Not quite ready? Instead, set up a time to chat with a Break Away staff member about the viability of hosting:

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  • Basic Information

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  • Logistics

    Remember, you don't have to complete all parts of this application to be considered. Please complete sections in which you'd be able to offer assistance to the best of your ability.
  • If you're able to suggest multiple focus areas, please separate options with a comma.
  • If so, please include name(s) and website(s) of those organizations.
  • ABCs participants are divided into 4-6 teams of 12-14 people.
  • Competitive prices are under $30 per person/night.
  • Team size is approximately 12-14 people.
  • We'll use this information to calculate walking and travel distances.
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  • FOOD
  • Please include price per person per day. Competitive prices are under $25 per person/day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner costs).
  • If yes, please describe the space.
  • We'll use this information to calculate walking and travel distances.
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  • If yes, is there a cost associated? Are there restrictions for use?
  • If yes, please include estimated cost associated with these options.
  • The ABCs require up to 4 rooms that can hold 50 participants and 1 room that can hold 100. Preferred rooms have moveable furniture and are available from 7:30am - 10:00pm each day.
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  • Only complete the section below if you did NOT complete the interest form.
  • Please note: All time frames listed include only the dates of the conference. Break Away staff members will typically arrive early/stay after the dates listed below to allow for set-up and wrap-up. Additionally, 10-12 Site Leaders arrive two days before the official conference start dates listed below.