COVID-19 Updates

Here at Break Away HQ, we are paying close attention to the progression of and impacts that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is having, and likely will continue to have, on campuses, conferences, and other large-scale events. 

We are currently exploring what alternatives to the ABCs could like like, should we need to cancel one or more due to COVID-19. We take our responsibility to our hosts, community partners, and participants very seriously and do not want to risk further spreading the virus. The Break Away team will continue to assess the situation, in accordance with CDC guidelines, and release an update on programming by May 8th (if not sooner).

We have decided to waive the cancellation fee for participants up until the registration deadline (May 8th) given the potential trepidation folks may be feeling planning for summer events. We also encourage students to go ahead and apply to be Site Leaders this summer and are accepting applications on a rolling basis. 

If we decide, for any reason, to cancel any of the ABCs, please know that you will receive 100% of your registration costs refunded to you in a timely manner. We assure you we will make a decision with our collective best interests in mind. 

For more thoughts on what active citizenship looks like during this crisis, please check out our blog post.

*updated April 1, 2020