Register or Pay for the ABCs

In order to accommodate as many needs as possible, we’ve created multiple options to register and pay for the ABCs.

Option 1: Register + pay today

If you’d like to register and pay for yourself (or you are an advisor hovering over your students as they register, credit card in hand), this might be the best option! In order to get the most accurate information possible, we ask that each individual fill out their own registration form.

  1. Fill out a registration form
  2. Select “I’d like to pay today” (credit card) or “I’d like to receive an invoice” (check)

Not quite ready with both pieces, but still want to reserve a spot? Keep reading!

Option 2: Reserve a spot for someone else

This option allows you to take advantage of early bird pricing, even if you aren’t sure who you’ll be sending to the ABCs. Be sure to review our cancellation and refund policies before taking advantage of this option.

  1. Use the payment form to pay for your program’s spot(s) at the ABCs (by credit card or check)
  2. You will be emailed a special link to the registration form that will allow participants to claim their spot
  3. Have individuals complete their own registration forms by May 8th

Note: if you're trying to claim a spot that has been reserved for your school, please reach out to your advisor to ensure you're using the correct link.

Option 3: Register yourself, have someone else pay later

  1. Fill out a registration form
  2. Make sure whoever's taking care of payment fills out a payment form by May 8th to secure your spot (see option 4!)

Option 4: Pay for pre-submitted registration(s)

If registrations have been completed and you just need to pay, use this option to purchase up to nine pre-submitted registrations at one time.

  1. Ensure all individuals have submitted their own registration forms
  2. Complete a payment form, providing the name(s) of the participant(s) you’re paying for


Still not sure what’s going to work best for you? Reach out - we’re happy to talk through options.