Virtual Service Opportunities

It is no surprise that the future of volunteering and service work is rapidly changing. All of the changes that are happening will not be short-lived and we have the unique advantage of reimagining how we do this work. 

At Break Away, we are looking for opportunities to continue active citizenship and informed participation—even and especially in the middle of a pandemic. Now is the time to do what is right and pursue a just and equitable society. We are truly better together. 

The world we wish to see will happen through collective work and hyper-local engagement. Here we have started a list that will be added to as community organizations make their virtual opportunities known to us. 

Have a service project to suggest? 

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*Updated May 18, 2020


  • Identify New York Wildlife, map our galaxy or assist researchers in many other ways with Zooniverse.
  • Test, evaluate or develop elements of the National Park Services online presence.

Mental Health

  • Answer texts from people in crisis using active listening and collaborative problem solving with Crisis Text Line.


  • Bookshare – Help people with disabilities access the written world by scanning books or cleaning up the files used to create accessible books. 
  • The Human Voicebank – All you have to do is read a few sentences to contribute your voice to be used in assistive technology for people who are unable to vocalize.


  • Shelter the World – You can further the cause of global housing by signing up as a virtual volunteer, which means helping out through social media and online awareness.

Justice & Legal Services


  • Writing letters to healthcare workers. All you have to do is visit this site and fill out the volunteer form. You can write them a traditional letter or send a digital text or photo message.
  • Get in touch with your local representatives concerning advocacy issues caused by COVID-19. 
  • Help raise awareness and support for PPE, ventilators and senior support through Health4theWorld.

Community Building

  • StoryCorps reminds the nation that every story matters and every voice counts. Add to the conversation.