Visit Break Away HQ!

It's no secret: we love hanging out with breakers. Even more, we love training breakers to support their development along the Active Citizen Continuum. If your alternative break brings you to Atlanta this season, we'd love to host you at our office!

Workshop Descriptions

  • Please enter using only dashes (ex. 404-919-7482)
  • Include any information you have about your availability.
  • Let us know what workshop you'd like us to facilitate! (See full descriptions above.)
  • Please describe what you hope participants take away from the workshop.
  • We pride ourselves on being a small (and mighty!) team. As a nonprofit, we love supporting our constituents - in order to make this a sustainable program, we’re asking for donations from trips that would like to participate in these training. Our suggested ask is $50, but we’re happy to be flexible depending on your program's budget. You’re welcome to donate directly on our website, or we can send your program leaders an invoice.