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Why and How to Become a Housing Partner

There are hundreds of college students and staff members that plan alternative break experiences each year. As they coordinate these breaks, many seek and rely on housing partners in their host communities to provide their groups safe and affordable housing. This is an essential and appreciated part of alternative break programs and allows for breaks to be financially accessible to students who engage in these service opportunities. As a housing partner, you will be connecting students to the communities where they will learn and serve on break trips, as well as often providing spaces for them to rest, dine together, and reflect as a group. Over 100 organizations are listed here—we'd love to add yours to the mix!

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The HousingBank

The HousingBank is a searchable database, available only to Break Away Chapter schools — over 230 alternative break programs that are committed to building a relationship with the organizations and the communities they serve. With an approved profile, you'll be able to update your information for the eager eyes of student and staff leaders. Profiles include housing site and contact information, basic details about the accommodations (showers, kitchen space, etc.) and times you're "open" for breakers.

Approval Process

Once you register as a new Housing Partner, Break Away staff will be notified and will review your information. We'll then make sure your information is complete, resolve any questions and approve the profile. You'll then be able to log in with your username and password to update your profile any time you need.