A Note for the Summer

We’ve been quiet for a little while. Of course, the parts of us that love you hope you’ve noticed, but the parts of us that feel guilty for our silence hope you haven’t. We’ve been away because our humble team has been busy as we diligently prepare for the 2018 ABCs. We’re back for a moment to bring you a final note for the summer before we depart for our two-month excursion across the country and back.

For those who aren’t familiar, the ABCs are week-long conferences based (no surprise here) in an experiential learning model where students, staff, and community partners convene from across the country for all things alternative breaks and active citizenship. (It’s arguably our favorite time of the year.) We are joined by Programs Interns who breathe a bit of extra energy - and style - into our team, we witness dreamy friendships form between breakers once strangers, and we delve deeply into four different education topics as varied as organizing for workers rights to using art as a form of placemaking.

Though we’ll be on hiatus (virtually), rest assured we’ll be bringing posts to you that will highlight the best of what we’ve learned, and what we think you’ll want to know too. We’d be thrilled if you’d 1) let us know if you’ll be in the area of one of our four conferences so we can (officially) invite you to visit us, and 2) keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll be back in August but until then, we’d love to engage with you on all things social media, and will keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see you somewhere along the way!

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