ABCs Team Leaders

We are looking for Team Leaders to lead small group sessions at this year’s ABCs. Deadline to apply for Sessions 2 + 3 is June 30.

During the ABCs, Team Leader pairs create the magic of the small group experience! The Team Leader pairs work together to establish connections between conference topics and practical application, while facilitating group building and reflection among participants. Team Leaders also assist individual participants in developing a deepened understanding of the role of social justice in service work. 

ABCs Team Leaders receive one day of virtual facilitation training with the Break Away staff and are able to attend the ABCs for free.

Full Job Description

Team Leaders can expect to:

  • Develop an effective partnership with their co-leader prior to and during the ABCs
  • Virtually co-lead a group of 15-20 ABCs participants
  • Serve as a communication liaison between the team and Break Away staff
  • Assist in navigating group dynamics through intentional dialogue and interpersonal communication
  • Model exceptional dialogue skills, community engagement, creativity, and innovation in building the Movement

The deadline to apply for Sessions 2 + 3 is June 30. Selected Team Leaders will need to attend a 1-day virtual facilitation training session on July 10*.

Apply Now!

*If you have an obligation that prohibits you from being available on your training date (work, caring for a dependent, etc), please reach out to us.