Registration + Pricing

Registration Deadlines

Thursday 6.9 - Sunday 6.12

Saturday 6.25 - Tuesday 6.28

Monday 7.18 - Thursday 7.21 (includes Staff Track)
Register by July 6


2022 ABCS Pricing


Break Away Chapters receive exclusive discounts on trainings, including the ABCS (10% for Associate Chapters, 20% for Advantage Chapters)! In addition, Advantage Chapters receive one free ABCS registration. Read more about becoming a Break Away Chapter. Membership must be up-to-date by May 27 to apply discounts to this summer’s ABCS.

2022 ABCs registration will include:
  • attendance at the 4-day virtual ABCs
  • access to comprehensive training materials

Registration Options

Option 1: Register + pay today

If you’d like to register and pay for yourself, this might be the best option! In order to get the most accurate information possible, we ask that each individual fill out their own registration form. 

  1. Fill out a registration form
  2. Select “I’d like to pay today” (credit card)

Not quite ready with both pieces, but still want to reserve a spot? Keep reading!

Option 2: Different people register + pay

Use this option if students will be the ones attending, but another person (usually a staff member) will be completing the payment. All individuals must submit their own registration form. Please DO NOT submit a form for another participant.

  1. Fill out a registration form
  2. Select “I haven't paid yet but will soon”
  3. Wait to receive a confirmation email*
  4. Whoever’s taking care of payment completes the payment

*the registration form allows you to include additional email addresses (like the person who will be paying) on the confirmation email

Option 3: Use your free Advantage registration
  1. Make sure your membership is up-to-date (by May 27, at the latest, if you'd like to apply the benefit to this summer)
  2. Have the individual fill out their own registration form, selecting "I'm an Advantage Chapter and would like to use my one free registration" in the payment section

Pay for an Already Registered Participant

If a student from your institution has already registered for the ABCS, you can pay via credit card on the payment page. For an invoice email us.

Still not sure what’s going to work best for you? Reach out — we’re happy to talk through options.