Registration + Pricing

Registration for the ABCs is currently closed — we’re looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

Registration Timeline + Process

In a typical year, we announce the dates for the ABCs in February, accept registrations from mid-March to late May, and have the conferences in June and July. Individuals can register themselves or reserve spots on behalf of someone from their institution. With the pandemic still a very real threat, we’re not making any decisions about the format or timeline of the 2021 ABCs. We anticipate releasing more information in February 2021.

ABCs Pricing

2020 Pricing (Virtual ABCs)

Advantage Chapter: $100; Associate Chapter: $113; non-Chapter: $125

Break Away Chapters received exclusive discounts on trainings, including the ABCs (10% for Associate Chapters, 20% for Advantage Chapters). In addition, Advantage Chapters receive one free registration. Read more about becoming a Break Away Chapter.

At the 2020 ABCs, registration included:

  • attendance at the 3-day virtual ABCs
  • packet of comprehensive training materials
  • a follow-up consultation call after the ABCs
  • 3 exclusive follow-up webinars on branding + recruitment, virtual facilitation, and reorientation

2019 Pricing (in-person ABCs)

Early bird (by April 12): Advantage Chapter = $662, Associate Chapter = $725, non-Chapter = $805; Final (after April 12): Advantage Chapter = $704, Associate Chapter = $792, non-Chapter = $880; Staff track only: Advantage Chapter = $324, Associate Chapter = $365, non-Chapter = $405

At the 2019 ABCs, registration included:

  • attendance at the 5-day in-person ABCs
  • 14 meals
  • 5 nights of housing
  • on-site transportation
  • comprehensive training materials

We believe programs and schools of all sizes can benefit from the ABCs and strive to make them as financially accessible as possible. We can’t guarantee pricing in advance — pricing is subject to change each year, based on estimated costs.