Staff Development Track

If you're interested in the Staff Track, you might be interested in the virtual Staff Development Summit we're hosting November 11-13, 2021! Look out for more information in September.

The Staff Development Track provides an opportunity for professionals from educational institutions and community organizations to connect with peers while engaging in the same high-quality workshops you can expect from the full ABCs. 

Sessions over the past two years have included:

  • An Evolving Approach to Social Justice Education
  • Approaching Development within the Landscape of Higher Ed
  • Applying Ethical Storytelling to Alternative Breaks
  • Debunking Program Evaluation
  • Developing Quality Partnerships in a Growing Volunteer Industry
  • Navigating Borderlands: Helping Students Negotiate the Emotions of Reorientation
  • Supporting the Emergence of Effective Facilitators
  • Utilizing a Power-Conscious Framework to Advance Equity Practices

The Staff Track portion of the ABCs includes:

  • Five workshops facilitated by Break Away staff and outside practitioners 
  • Opportunity for strategic planning, looking toward the 2020 - 2021 alternative break season
  • Networking and coalition-building with other alternative break professionals
  • Space to share promising practices with other institutions
  • Participation in ABCs evening activities (Wednesday and Thursday) and opportunities to engage with student leaders, including the Diversity + Social Justice workshop
Staff Track Sample Agenda

Higher education professionals (staff, faculty, and graduate students) have three options for attending the ABCs:

  • Attend the full ABCs - At conferences without a Staff Track, staff are fully integrated into the immersive experience and typically make up around 15% of total participants
  • Attend only the Staff Development Track - A 3-day staff-only workshop track available at one ABCs per summer
  • Attend the full week + Staff Track - allows you to split your time between the two, starting with the regular conference and transitioning into the Staff Track halfway through the week

For new staff members who aren’t familiar with alternative breaks, or are new to their position, we would suggest attending the full ABCs. The ABCs is geared, particularly, to building and improving a strong alternative break program and is heavily student-focused, whereas the Staff Track was created for professional staff interested in innovating within an already strong and sophisticated program.