From Charity to Justice

For 30 years, Break Away has been helping alternative break programs center community and justice in their service work. Now, we’re bringing that same justice-centric curriculum to community engagement programs across campus with our new workshop series “From Charity to Justice: Community-Centered Engagement.”

Whether you come from an alternative break program, another service learning program, or fraternity/sorority life, this series will give your program participants the tools they need to more thoughtfully engage with community and increase the positive impact of their service.

The virtual series will take place 6pm-8pm EDT over the course of six Thursdays—September 23rd-October 28th—and will be open to students and staff from all community engagement programs who wish to engage in justice-driven service.

The Workshops

Foundations of Community-Centered Service | 9.23

Using Break Away’s service engagement model, the Active Citizen Continuum, participants learn to apply the tenets of Active Citizenship to their lives, their campuses, and their communities.

Integrating Education, Orientation, and Training to Service | 9.30

Pre-service education, orientation, and training serves to set your service up for positive community impact. Learn how to implement these components into your service program.

Making Meaning of Your Service Experience | 10.7

​​Critically examine your service work and the root causes of the related social issues through pre-service, during service, and post-service reflection.

Identity Works + Social Justice | 10.14

Service, like all things, falls within systems of power and oppression. With an increased personal identity awareness, participants discover how service work is tied to multiple dimensions of power and will gain strategies of using service to work in solidarity with community partners.

Alternatives to Direct Service | 10.21

Direct service, which is often akin to physical labor, isn’t the only way to engage with your community. Explore different types of service and the ways in which you can implement them into your community engagement programming.

Coalition Building Across Campus | 10.28

Coalitions are formed by different organizations coming together to address an agreed upon issue. Turn ideas into future actions that aid in the creation and coordination of sustainable coalitions.

How it Works

Schools are able to purchase semester passes (six tickets), mini passes (three tickets), or a single pass (one ticket). We recognize that semester-long trainings may be difficult for any one person to attend. As such, we’ve made it so that your institution is purchasing the slot, which any student or staff member is welcome to use. 

If you buy a Semester Pass, you get six slots that can be used a number of ways. For example, six folks can come to one workshop OR two folks can come to three workshops OR any one person can come to each of the six workshops (and so on). Same goes for a Mini Passhow you divide up the three tickets is up to you! Either way, the more tickets you buy, the more you save! 

To join, you’ll first pay for your passes. Then, have your people register for the workshop(s) of their choice. Finally, the participant will receive a Zoom link to the workshop they registered for the Tuesday before the workshop.

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