Fraternity/Sorority Life

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Let Break Away help you with your new member education requirements, leadership development, and community engagement efforts by bringing us to your campus* to help your members engage more thoughtfully with each other and their communities. We have over 30 years of experience creating justice-driven student leaders nationwide in the alternative break sphere and we are excited to bring our knowledge and community-centered curriculum to fraternities and sororities. 

Along with our Fraternity/Sorority Specialist, Aaron, we have highlighted a few of our workshops that we believe students in fraternity/sorority life would benefit from. This is just a sampling of our curriculum. All of our workshop curriculum is adapted to your Chapter’s specific needs, so feel free to peruse the full list of workshop descriptions to see if there are other workshops that will fit your organizational goals. 

Asset-Based Community Engagement

However you define the word “community,” the commitment to building reciprocal relationships with communities and community members is at the center of quality community engagement.

Based on the principles of asset-based community development, this workshop explores how our community-centric ethic plays into selecting and building new partnerships, ethically engaging with communities external to your own, and becoming co-conspirators in justice.

Coalition Building

Coalitions are formed by different types of organizations to address an agreed upon issue. These are often complicated and messy, but they also have the power to define a movement.

In this workshop, we utilize an asset-based framework to explore the process of designing and managing coalitions to enhance community building. Mobilization within and across movements takes time, patience, humility, and dedication. By proactively identifying roadblocks and potential trouble-spots within our coalitions, we discover more robust opportunities for community change.

Participants will turn ideas into future actions that aid in the creation and coordination of sustainable coalitions; either within the brother/sisterhood, your council, or the larger local community.

Cultivating Active Antiracism

Sparked by the racial uprising of 2020, and informed by the deep history of white supremacy in the United States, this workshop highlights the importance of being anti-racist, rather than non-racist. 

Participants will explore a brief history of oppression, learn about multiple levels of oppression, and craft a framework for organization-wide anti-racist action and change.


Ethical Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in justice work. It can also be dangerous. For decades, volunteers have been traveling to communities that are not their own, working alongside organizations, and returning home with a story to tell. Because of the power differentials inherent in service work, the stories we tell, unless intentionally disrupted, can perpetuate harmful narratives about communities that welcome us in.

In this workshop, we dive into the challenging concept of ethical storytelling in immersive service work, the dangers of perpetuating single-story narratives, and the power in sharing stories that ultimately contribute to dismantling systems of oppression.

Recruitment + Selections

Strategic recruitment (getting the word out) and selections (picking new members) processes help ensure that fraternities and sororities grow in a healthy and equitable manner. In this workshop, program leaders create recruitment goals and define how those goals fit into the Chapter’s overall strategic plan.

Participants will leave with tactics to ensure a diverse application pool by uncovering ways that bias seeps into our selections processes.

Values + Branding

Whether or not your Chapter has an expressed brand, chances are that people all across campus have heard (or need to hear) about the good work you’re doing. Strong brands tell an organization’s story, helping to build a strong culture that recruits members, garners support, and raises funds.

In this workshop, participants connect their Chapter’s values to brand decisions, learn the components of a brand, and develop methods for using the brand in consistent and compelling ways.

Whether you’re interested in a single workshop, a series, or a weekend conference, let’s discuss the myriad of ways that Break Away can help fraternities and sororities move the needle towards justice.

*virtual and in-person options available